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Withered Freddy is an unlockable character and a playable character in FNaF World.



Withered Freddy has a different head shape to Freddy Fazbear, yet his body seems the same, with the exception of the duller colour-scheme. He has rips in his legs, and a wire exposing from his left ear.


Withered Freddy has a shocked expression with his head and right arm shaking left and right continuously in his idle. His attack animation is him leaning back, before thrusting forward with his head expanding in size, before snapping back to his original pose.


Withered Freddy fighting 3 Ballboys with Withered Chica, Withered Foxy and Puppet.

  • Esc Key - Withered Freddy will press the Esc Key, which will instantly kill an enemy. However, the chances are rare.
  • Gloom Song - Withered Freddy will lower the enemies' attack power.
  • Mic Toss - Withered Freddy will throw this microphone at the enemy, dealing damage.


  • Withered Freddy, for some reason, constantly has a shocked expression within FNaF World.

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